UK 2022|What is the Harley street hair transplant cost, Price?

(What is the Harley street hair transplant cost, Price? UK 2022, What are the hair consultation costs at Harley Street Hair Transplant?, What is the cost of the FUE Hair transplant Harley street hair transplant cost ? What is the costs of bread transplants at harley street hair transplant cost ?, What is the costs of eyebrows transplants at harley street hair transplant cost ?)

It is challenging to locate the clinics’ hair transplant prices. looking for the most efficient Harley hair transplant clinic costs. Then you should read this article. You will get all the answers to all your questions after reading this post.

In this article, we discussed in detail the pricing and costs of various types of treatments. You will learn everything you need to know about the cost of the Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic.

We have done all the research and gathered all the information from the official Harley Street Hair transplant Clinic by visiting their website and clinic.

The Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic is known for its hair transplant surgery, i.e., FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). and is also renowned for other types of transplant treatments like eyebrow transplants, bread transplants, and hair restoration trends using FUT and FUE procedures.

What are the hair consultation costs at Harley Street Hair Transplant?

The Hair Street Clinic provides free hair consultations. But here is a two-step verification to get the hair transplant treatments. The patients have to reach their official website to fill out their forms, including their name, photo, messages, phone number, email ID, etc., or they can visit their social media handle to fill out their forms. Then fill it out and submit the form.

The clinic will verify your form. After verifying, the verified. The clinic will give you the virtual invitation to the video call consultation through apps like Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Messenger at your convenience.

In this consultation call, the dermatologists will examine your hair virtually and ask questions regarding your lifestyle, diet, and medical history. consultation. In post-consultation, the doctor will offer you the best treatment for your hair condition, with pricing and financing options.

Then it’s totally up to your decision whether you need to pursue further treatments or not. If you are ready to take the decision of taking treatments, then you can drive towards the clinic and take your treatments and therapy.

What does the Harley Street hair transplant cost?

The Harley Street hair transplant costs start at £2,500 for minor cases, and the prices can go up to £6,000 for major hair loss. The cost of hair transplant surgery totally depends on the amount of hair loss. The surgery time will go up to 3–8 hours. With their assistance and technicians, Doctor Kalra will carry out all the treatments and procedures.

What is the cost of the FUE Hair transplant Harley street hair transplant cost?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is considered the best and latest technology for treating hair transplants. Most hair transplant treatments are done by this method, and it has proved a successful treatment for hair regrowth. The cost of FUE treatments at Harley Street Clinic is around £4,000 and the price can go up also.

What is the cost of bread transplants at Harley Street Hair Transplant Cost?

Beard transplants are the same procedure as hair transplants. In the beard transplant, the hair is implanted in those areas where it has patches and or baldness. The cost of beard transplants is directly proportional to the amount of hair needed. The cost of a beard transplant at Harley Street is between £3,500 and £5,000 again.

What is the cost of eyebrow transplants at Harley Street Hair Transplant Cost?

The eyebrow transplant is more time-consuming and detailed. Although eyebrow transplants need less hair, due to the detailed and time-consuming work, it costs around £3,500. Eyebrow transplants are one of the most popular treatments done by FUE hair transplants.

What are the costs of 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 grafts at Harley Street hair transplant cost?

500 grafts is considered the lowered graft requirement. The cost of the 500 grafts is between £2500 and £3000. This 1000 graft is needed for people who are suffering from beard and eyebrow hair transplants. This is generally used for small patches and hairlines. The price for 1000 grafts starts at £3,000.

People who are suffering from intense hair loss are recommended to take the 1500 grafts, which cost around £3,500. The 2000 grafts are mostly used by the patients because it’s mainly required on the crown area of the hairline or a receding hairline, The cost of 2000 grafts is around £4,000

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The whole article is based on detailed research & analysis But Please Keep note that while writing this article the rates were accurate, but while the rates change as per the hair clinic policy changes, the prices will also change. So when you read this, the cost might vary. So, before making any decisions, please go to their clinic’s website or contact the clinic. 

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