Supplements & Vitamins for Stronger hair growth UK 2022

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(Supplements & Vitamins for Stronger Hair Growth in the UK 2022, Best hair supplements for men & women)

We’ve all experienced hair loss at some point in our lives, and it can be quite frightening to see your hair just falling out in bunches. Climate change and water changes are not the only reasons for hair loss. People usually experience hair loss because of changes in their diet.

In fact, your Supplements & Vitamins status plays a major role in hair growth. No matter how healthy you think you eat or how well you take your vitamins, it’s not going to be enough. There are different roles for different supplements, Botanics and vitamins for treating female and male pattern hair loss, and this type of hair loss is referred to as androgenetic alopecia.

The genetic component refers to the fact that there is a genetic tendency for this hair loss condition. The genetic cause is very common, presenting in 70% of males and in roughly 30% to 40% of females at any time in their adult life. In men’s, this tends to occur on the crown on the vertex of the scalp as well as be present with a receding hairline.

But in women, it presents us with just a few spinning of the hair and gradual hair loss over time. and it is a very frustrating condition. It is especially frustrating when it goes on for quite some time. There are different supplements that are FDA approved for treating androgenetic alopecia and hair loss problems.

Best 6 Supplements for Hair Regrowth

1. Biotin (vitamin B complex)

  Biotin is the most important vitamin factor for healthy hair. Biotin is also known as B7. Biotin helps the root of the scalp nourish healthy hair. It provides a sufficient amount of energy to the hair for regrowth. When you take in vitamin B, make sure that you are drinking a lot of water because vitamin B is water-soluble, so it would really help.

Biotin is present in nuts like roasted peanuts and almonds, in dairy products like milk and cheese, and in meat products like eggs, egg yolks, and chicken liver, as well as in fruits like bananas. It is great for keeping your hair strong, preventing hair loss and excessive hair fall, and boosting hair growth.


The protein helps with the thickness of the hair and promotes hair growth. It helps in nourishing the hair and makes it more healthy and shiny. It is said to be helpful in treating dry, brittle hair and also that collagen helps to maintain healthy moisture levels in the hair. Additionally, it stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. It increases blood circulation in your body, so increasing the blood flow to your scalp is directly beneficial in promoting hair and scalp health.

The protein is mostly present in poultry meats like chicken, mutton, lambs and seafood. In western countries, very few people are concerned with protein deficiency.

3. DHT Blocker

The DHT blocker helps to regrow your hair by blocking dihydrotestosterone. In the market, it is presented in various forms, like capsules (pills), supplements, shampoo, green tea, and vegetables like onions. Onions have a sufficient amount of DHT blocker enzymes like turmeric. All foods contain testosterone, which helps hair regrow and nourish. If you do leg exercise, it will help with an increase in testosterone.

4. iron

In most cases, iron deficiency can cause hair loss because when you don’t have enough iron, your body cannot produce haemoglobin in your blood. haemoglobin carries oxygen for the growth and repair of the cells in your body, including the cells that stimulate hair growth. Also, iron carries oxygen to the roots for all-over hair growth and the wellness of your hair, and iron, for you, is probably one of the vitamins that you cannot miss out on iron from your diet.

Due to this hectic and busy life, irregularities in diet can occur, as can not having a properly balanced diet. The iron-rich foods are seafood, poultry, vegetables like spinach, avocado, peas and beans, and nuts such as raisins and apricots. Incorporating all of this food gives you the proper iron-rich food in your diet.

5. Zinc

Zinc prevents hair thinning and is an essential supplement for hair growth. Furthermore, zinc helps in regulating your hormone levels and also prevents hair loss. It also plays an important role in our DNA production, and this leads to better and improved hair growth. It also helps to eliminate dandruff from the scalp.

Zinc is naturally present in food and it is available as a supplement too. Foods in which zinc is mainly found include things like cereals, beans, legumes, pieces of bread, and seafood such as oysters, lobsters, and crabs, as well as poultry like chickens and pork.

6. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very essential for hair growth. When looking for a healthy scalp and healthy hair, it is ideal to use. It also has natural antioxidants that could assist with maintaining hair growth, and its antioxidant properties could also aid in reducing the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells. Vitamin E also helps prevent hair loss and boosts hair growth. The best sources of vitamin E are avocado, almonds, Sunflower seeds and spinach.

Suggestion & Recommendation:

We strongly recommend adding these vitamin-rich foods to your diet to help your hair stay healthy and shiny and assist in the regrowth of your hair. The natural form of any vitamin or supplement is always good for your health. You will never experience any side effects from it. Instead, it will better nourish your scalp.

definitely, you can take any supplements in the form of pills or capsules but before taking any supplements, please consult with your doctor or health care provider. This capsule & pills are also very helpful in some situations.

 You should consult your physician before taking any vitamin supplements. Do a proper check-up of your body. As a result, it will help in to decide whether which vitamin is needed to take

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