Hair Loss Due to Stress

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In this blog, we are going to be talking all about extreme stress that causes the hair loss problem. a lot of men and women are dealing with hair loss due to stress right now. Both extreme physical and emotional stress can certainly trigger baldness. This is referred to as telogen effluvium or hair loss.

On an average adult scalp, we have about a hundred thousand hair follicles, and each of those hair follicles is constantly cycling between growing and resting and shedding.

 The majority of the hairs on our heads are in a growing phase. This is referred to as an antigen. Then when that growing hair follicle transitions to resting, which is known as telogen, once that transition happens, the hair loss happens. and it’s normal to lose about “100 hairs” a day.

When we undergo a very stressful event, what ends up happening is that a lot of the hair follicles on our heads shift to that telogen stage, which results in a more massive shedding (hair loss), and that can be very distressing to go through right now. We’re seeing even more cases of hair loss because of all the stress that’s going on in the world right now, but what exactly constitutes a stressful amount?

Reason for stress

A lot more people are dealing with stress these days, not only emotional stress but physical stress as well. It seems like every day that we have some kind of stress going on. Stressful events can include severe emotional stress like going through this pandemic.

  • Divorce, relationship problems
  • You may lose your job.
  • Viral illnesses can actually kick off hair loss and fevers etc.
  • Just being sick and run down by poor nutrition doesn’t just make you sick. Going through a crash diet results in rapid weight loss. Undergoing surgery is another stressful event on your body, that can be associated with a telogen effluvium.
  • Certain medications can also shift your hair cycle over to the resting stage and be associated with the cause of hair loss.
  • Giving birth,
  • Intense physical activity like running a marathon can certainly cause the hair loss on your head.

Hair cycle of stress-Now all the hair is in this stage where it’s not that much into growing hair because it is in the resting stage.

The hair loss happens about three months after the stressful event. On average, about 100 hairs, a day to up to 50 percentage of the hairs on your head shedding all at once, and in the majority of cases, your hair will return to baseline density, meaning that once it’s over, once the telogen effluvium is over, your hair will go back to its.

How to stimulate the regrowth of hair due to stress?

Unfortunately, this does take a long time to come to the normal density of hair. It typically takes about six months for the shedding to completely stop, and then your hair grows at a very slow rate. It naturally grows at about half an inch per month, so you have to be really patient.

In the majority of cases, the hair density comes back to what it once was. But in some cases, the hair density will not come back to what it once was.

How to avoid hair loss from stress

  1. Taking good care of yourself and making sure you have good nutrition is probably key to healthy hair.
  2. Do headstand for at least 3 minutes. because it flows a great amount of blood into your scalp.
  3. Avoiding heat styling like hair dryers and hair straighteners
  4. Avoid chemically treating your hair, which means no perms and no hair colouring, and it really helps to reduce that excess breakage of hair.
  5. In particular, avoid hair styling products like gels and mousses along your hairline. The hairs here in the frontal hairline are a lot more fragile and those long-lasting pomades and mousses and gels and things that have a high alcohol content that can dry out the hair shaft and make it more prone to breakage and more brittle, and overall that’s going to make the hair density much thinner.
  6. Address your emotional health. Do not hesitate to seek out professional mental health help from a licensed counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist because your mental health can feed directly into your hair cycle.

stress realsing activity for hair loss

  1. Meditation: Meditation helps to release stress and pressure from the brain. Many people include meditation in their daily life and get good results in relieving stress. Studies have also shown that doing meditation helps the brain calm down and release all the stress. Experts say that you should do at least 20 minutes of meditation daily, sitting in one position, trying to focus on your breath so you will conserve all your mental energy at one point. You will be able to see the changes within you in a few days.

2. Balance Diet– Eat a well-balanced diet. In studies and medical practice, a balanced diet has been shown to have major effects on nourishing hair, skin, and the body. Make sure you’re getting adequate nutrition and multi-vitamins in your daily diet. You must include protein, vitamins, and antioxidants in your diet to meet the demands of the body.

Check out our article on diet and superfoods for hair growth for men and women to help you get a handle on a proper diet.

Suggestion & recommendation

Experts say that stress-related hair loss usually resolves itself within six months. If it goes on for a long time, you may want to seek out medical help or a healthcare provider. But the most effective suggestion is to stay calm & relaxed in your life. don’t take tension & stress,

The best tip to reduce stress is to take a long inhale breath and hold it for 5 seconds. The stress will automatically go down and will make you smile at every stressful situation. Last but not the least, life is a short stay happy.

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