best hair loss treatment for women

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Women struggle with female pattern hair loss, and it can be incredibly devastating and have a huge psychological impact. You should see a healthcare provider for evaluation and management. Part of the evaluation process should include checking the thyroid to make sure it’s functional and female and male sex hormones so it can be part of it.

Part of the workup of hair loss does include blood testing to check for female and male hormone levels as well as thyroid function, but the majority of women who have this condition do not have abnormal hormone levels. However, a subset of women with a female pattern of hair loss also have acne, and these symptoms, combined with perhaps a history of irregular menses are characteristic of something called polycystic ovarian syndrome 

There is plenty of treatment available for women. You know, dishearteningly, our society places a great deal of value on having this youthful appearance, so much so that in women and men suffering from pattern hair loss or pattern baldness, it can be incredibly devastating to one’s emotional and well-being. There are studies showing that this can impact one’s self-esteem and they are fostered by this heightened importance that our society has on having this youthful appearance.

best hair loss treatment for women

1. Doctor


First, see a healthcare provider for evaluation and management. A person who is a “dermatologist” may be necessary to further work up the nature of your hair loss. Blood tests may be needed and sometimes a skin biopsy of the scalp can be helpful, so don’t try and self-diagnose this and self-treat it. See a healthcare provider first and foremost and discuss these treatment options with a dermatologist.

 2. Minoxidill treatments


The aim of most treatment options is to slow the rate of hair loss and prolong the rate of hair growth. One of the most common modalities to do this is the application of a product or drug called minoxidil. abnormal sensitivity of the hair to hormones and these include spironolactone and in some cases may be a birth control pill probably the most probably the treatment combination that has the most data to support the best outcome is a combination of using Rogaine or minoxidil along with spironolactone. Once this combination is started, it typically takes about six months to see any improvement, so you know, don’t pursue it for a few weeks and then it fails.

Apply Minoxidil to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. If hair growth occurs as a result of using minoxidil, it usually happens over several months of use. After the minoxidil medication is stopped, hair loss will start again within a few months.

3. spironolactone

Spironolactone is specially used for the treatment of female pattern hair loss. It’s generally referred to as a treatment for pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia, and this is basically a sensitivity of the hair follicle. What is spironolactone? Well, it’s a blood pressure medication that makes it helpful for treating hair loss in women, specifically because it has an anti-androgen effect.

4. Vitamin course

The doctor prescribes a specific vitamin course based on your demands and requirements for your hair. The vitamins and supplements promote the supply of nutrients to the hair and scalp, strengthening hair follicles and promoting healthy scalp hair.


Before starting any treatment, please take the suggestion of dermatologists and your personal doctor.


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