Belgravia hair loss clinic London 2022

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The Belgravia clinic is the most trusted hair loss clinic in London. It has given the best results for almost all of their customers (patients). People from across the world come to visit the Belgravia hair loss clinic to solve their hair loss problems. They get the proper ways to cure hair loss.

The Belgravia hair loss clinic has the world’s happiest collection of customers. As the proof on their website shows (Belgraviaform), the clinic has two branches. The first clinic is situated in central London, near Victoria Station. The clinic is just 2 minutes away from the Victoria tube station.

The 2nd clinic of Belgravia hair loss is located in the City of London near the Liverpool tube station. It is just 2-3 minutes walking distance from there. In both of the Belgravia hair loss clinics, they have a good experienced team of hair loss specialists. To start your healthier hair journey, you need to take their initial free consultation, The Belgravia hair loss clinic treats both men and women from the age starts from 16-70.

How to take Belgravia’s free consultation appointments?

Booking the Belgravia appointment for an initial consultation is a very easy process. You have two options. The first one is to contact Belgravia directly and book your free consultation. The other way is to visit their website, Belgraviacentre.com, and fill out their appointment form. If you live away from London, then you can take the treatments online and communicate via mail-order service.

The consultation process takes about 30–40 minutes approximately. First, you need to complete your first consultation for later treatments. In an offline consultation, you will be able to take the consultation one-on-one personally. and the Belgravia hair loss specialists can diagnose your hair condition. In online consultation, you can take consultation via zoom call while sitting at your comfort place.

In the video call, the hair specialist diagnoses and recommends those treatment courses that are home-use products. and which can easily be available at home.

What is included in the Belgravia consultation process?

In the first meeting with the hair loss specialist, he/she will ask you about your hair loss journey, how it started, your hair loss concerns, and all your past and current medical history, because these are all reasons that cause hair loss, and you will also discuss your genetics if your parents suffered from the same problems. In short, the specialists will ask you tons of questions to solve your hair loss problems. Initially, they will examine your scalp. later, they will start for diagnosis.

Then you will send it to the treatment advisor, who will go through all your consultation reports. He or she will show you in more detail the best treatments available to cure your hair loss as per the conditions, stages, and patterns of hair loss.

Belgravia Centre products for hair regrowth

1. Finasteride 1mg

The finasteride (1 mg) medication is Belgravia’s most effective treatment across all products. It gives the best results for their patients. It is used to cure only male hair loss patterns. It is only suitable for men. Finasteride 1 mg is sold under the name Propecia. It is a daily consumable available in pills (capsules). It has good effects. But it has many side effects at the time (you can visit our article on finasteride 1 mg ).

2. Minoxidill

The Belgravia hair loss clinic provides a combination treatment course for patients, consisting of minoxidil and other treatments, and it will result in hair regrowth for most hair loss sufferers. While minoxidil can help to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth, hair loss specialists in Belgravia have discovered that the degree of effectiveness is largely dependent on choosing the right kind of medication and minoxidil for your specific level and pattern of shedding.

(You can visit our article on  Minoxidil ).

3. Low Laser Light Comb Treatment (LLLT)

The Low laser light comb is a Belgravia Clinic product that is only available at Belgravia Clinic. The Comb is a device that uses low-power laser therapy (LLLT) to encourage hair growth and minimise hair loss. This laser light comb is certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

The dermatologist evaluated the effectiveness of low-level laser light treatment in both men and women. As proven by the fact that it works to regrow the hair, enhance hair thickness, and reduce baldness. The LED wraps around the laser to stimulate blood vessels in your scalp, which are required for bringing in nourishment and growth elements to promote the stimulated follicle.

4. vitamin course

In the Belgravia clinic, the vitamin course is provided as per your hair requirements. The vitamin course mainly consists of biotin, vitamin D, zinc, supplements, etc. which help you regrow your hair. The vitamin helps in the supply of nutrients to the hair, strengthening hair follicles and promoting a healthy scalp. You will get all the vitamin courses from the Belgravia clinic itself.

The vitamin course is generally offered to patients who are suffering from an excess of hair loss due to a vitamin deficiency.

5. Hair therapy

The Belgravia hair loss centre offers hair therapy to its clients. In hair therapy, it includes nourishing, stimulating, massage, Infrared therapy, ultra-violet light therapy, hair masks, scalp steaming. You can take advantage of hair therapy by visiting their clinics every month or on a quarterly basis. Hair therapy takes about an hour of time.

There are no drawbacks to hair therapy. Most people get great benefits from hair therapy.

Suggestion and recommendation

The Belgravia Hair Loss Centre experts will suggest to you the combination of both proven medication and the best treatments for hair regeneration. In Belgravia, doctors prefer to give hair regrowth treatments to their patients. These treatments include Minoxidil, Finasteride 1 mgLow-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) DevicesPlatelet-rich plasmaHair vitamins & supplements and clinical therapy.

Before taking any action, consult with the dermatologist or your healthcare provider. Each treatment of Belgravia varies in cost, Each treatment has its own specific cost. You can avail of the offers that are offered by the clinics during festive sessions. and all the information in the article may vary.


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