Belgravia Centre Liverpool Street, UK 2022

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The Belgravia Centre Liverpool Street is the second branch of the Belgravia Clinic, which is found in the City of London. The hair loss clinic is one of the oldest, most trusted and leading clinics in the United Kingdom. You can find the Liverpool clinic in the City of London.

The Belgravia Liverpool Street clinic is the brand’s second clinic, and it is the new opening of the Belgravia clinic. The clinic is currently accepting appointments both physically and online. The clinic offers all sorts of treatments, therapy, and consultations for hair loss.

The Belgravia Liverpool Street clinic offers a free consultation. Without paying any charge, you can take your initial consultation online or visit the Belgravia hair loss clinic centre. You can book your consultation by visiting their website, Belgraviacentre.com and filling in the online form.

In consultation, the dermatologist will examine all your hair conditions, and afterwards, they will recommend the medicine, vitamin course, and treatment as per your hair requirement. In treatments, they offer a whole vitamin course, minoxidil, laser light comb treatment, oil, shampoo, and other treatments.  The Liverpool clinic provides all the treatments for hair loss for both men and women. The clinic has the happiest collection of customers who succeeded in their hair growth.

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Belgravia Centre products:

1. Low Level Laser Light Comb Treatment

The low-level laser light comb is a Belgravia Clinic product that is only available at Belgravia Clinic. The Comb is a device that uses low-power laser therapy (LLLT) to encourage hair growth and minimise hair loss. This laser light comb is certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

The dermatologist evaluated the effectiveness of low-level laser light treatment in both men and women. As proven by the fact that it works to regrow the hair, enhance hair thickness, and reduce baldness. The LED wraps around the laser to stimulate blood vessels in your scalp, which are required for bringing in nourishment and growth elements to promote the stimulated follicle.

2. Minoxidill


The Belgravia hair loss clinic offers a wide range of therapies, including minoxidil. It is an effective and popular medical treatment in the Belgravia clinic. Many patients got benefit from using minoxidil. since it helps them regrow their hair and maintain a healthy scalp. One of the most effective treatments for hair loss is Belgravia minoxidil.

They make their own minoxidil at the Belgravia clinic using their own formula and process. Minoxidil has been shown to be the most effective treatment for hair loss. By using minoxidil, the consumer (patients) has achieved the desired result. Belgravia Minoxidil may only be purchased through Belgravia clinics. They never sell their minoxidil to pharmacies or over the internet.

Minoxidil is a hair growth stimulator that is applied to the scalp. It generally happens after several months of regular usage. After the minoxidil medication is stopped, hair loss will start again within a few months.

Hair loss specialists in Belgravia have determined that the amount of success is largely dependent on selecting the proper type of medication and minoxidil for your unique level and pattern of hair shedding. Belgravia offers a wide range of minoxidil products to help you improve hair loss and regrowth for best results.

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3. vitamin course

Finasteride tablets

In the Belgravia clinic, the vitamin course is provided as per your hair requirements. The vitamin course mainly consists of biotin, vitamin D, zinc, supplements, etc. which help you regrow your hair. The vitamin course is generally offered to patients who are suffering from an excess of hair loss due to vitamin deficiencies.

The vitamin helps in the supply of nutrients to the hair, strengthening hair follicles and promoting a healthy scalp. You will get all the vitamin courses from the Belgravia clinic itself.

Address of Belgravia, Liverpool Centre Street

The Belgravia centre Liverpool Street clinic is located in Devonshire Square, near to the Liverpool underground. The direction of the Belgravia centre Liverpool Street is 8 New Street, City of London, EC2M 4TP, United Kingdom. The clinic is in the City of London, which is less than a 2-minute walk from Liverpool Street tube and train station.

Phone number: 0207 444 4000.

The timing of the clinics (offline) is

Monday9 am – 8 pm
Tuesday9 am – 8 pm
Wednesday9 am – 8 pm
Thursday9 am – 8 pm
Friday9 am – 6 pm
Saturday9 am – 5 pm

The timing of the online consulting operational hours (zoom call) is –

Sunday10 am – 4 pm
Monday9 am – 8 pm
Tuesday9 am – 8 pm
Wednesday9 am – 8 pm
Thursday9 am – 8 pm
Friday9 am – 6 pm
Saturday9 am – 5 pm

How to book a Belgravia clinic appointment

To proceed, go to BelgraviaCentreform.com and look for the booking consultation form, which you can fill out by entering all of your information. They will ask for your name, phone number, address, and other personal information. After submitting the form, in less than 48 hours after that, you will get an email confirmation of your appointment in less than 48 hours. It is entirely up to you whether you want to seek advice online or in person. If you want to have a consultation in person, you must go to their clinic. The other option is to have an online consultation, which you can do from the comfort of your own home without having to visit the clinic.

Consultation & Fees

There is no charge for the initial consultation. You can book your initial consultation either online or in person at the Belgravia hair loss clinic by visiting their website and filling out the form. During the initial free consultation, you may ask the dermatologist any questions or express any worries you have regarding hair loss, and the dermatologist will respond to all of your questions, allowing you to decide whether or not to continue with hair treatment. If you choose to continue using the clinic’s services, you will be charged for hair growth treatments and medicines based on your hair’s needs. There are expenses involved with the subsequent consultation procedure, which you may inquire about at the initial appointment, and a wide range of treatments are available. Each therapy has its own set price to consider.


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